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Organization lists six violations and fines totaling $60,000 against Burgmeier’s The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has cited Burgmeier’s Hauling and a related firm in connection with the death of an employee in October in a logging accident. It’s an open case, and a conference is scheduled for informal discussions about it between Burgmeier’s and OSHA, according to Christopher Robinson, area director for OSHA in Pittsburgh. OSHA lists a total of six violations, with fines totaling $60,000, related to the Oct. 28 death of Steven K. Shiffler, 63, Altoona, in an area near Walker Lane in Antis Township, according to the OSHA website. Reportedly, Shiffler was cutting down a tree, which fell onto another tree, breaking a branch off the second tree that fell onto Shiffler, killing him instantly. Shiffler was an equipment operator for Burgmeier’s, according to his obituary. Burgmeier’s had no comment on the citations. “It’s still in process,” company controller Steve Kasun said. Resolving the matter could take a few weeks or a year, depending on the outcome of the informal conference and whether the company contests the citations, whether there is a formal conference with the area director or his designee and whether the matter eventually goes to a hearing before an administrative law judge, according to Robinson. OSHA cited Burgmeier’s Hauling for two violations, one under “general requirements” for personal protective equipment, and one under “logging operations,” according to the OSHA website. The listed penalties for those violations total $24,576. OSHA cited Burgmeier’s Hauling’s sister company, Blair County Resource Recovery Facility, for four violations, one under general requirements for personal protective equipment and three under logging operations. The listed penalties for those violations total $35,498. Mirror Staff Writer William Kibler is at 814-949-7038. Today's breaking news and more in your inbox I'm interested in (please check all that apply)


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This is something that we all have to get our heads around. It’s all of the above — it’s everything at once if we have any hope toward actually bending the curve. That does not mean that this has to come at the expense of aviation or cars or fossil fuels, but it means that every sector will have to be addressed through a climate lens.  Holsopple: While limiting beef consumption isn’t specifically part of Biden’s climate plan, there are likely to be regulations on the animal agriculture industry to curb climate emissions that might impact consumption, right?  Jacquet: Well, one would hope. There are various ways you could imagine making the industry pay for the pollution it creates. If that happens, and I hope it does, because, again, we need progress on this issue, we should see meat become more expensive. And when meat becomes more expensive, what we have seen in the past is consumption should decrease. I expect beef to become the coal of the meat world because beef is index disproportionately impactful on the climate. Now, that may or may not hold true. It may be that people want meat at any expense. We’ll find out. But economic theory would suggest that would have an effect on consumption.  Holsopple: How is this conversation about climate change and meat consumption likely to play out in the future? What do you see in the next five, 10 years?  Jacquet: Oh, I don’t think it’s going to be five or 10 years. I think it’s going to be five or 10 months. Things are moving so quickly. Because of the Biden administration, I expect all those things to pick up steam. I expect beef to sort of become the coal of the meat world because beef is sort of disproportionately impactful on the climate. In fact, I expected there might be a clean beef campaign in the same way there was a clean coal campaign. Things like this are unfolding before our eyes. I expect the financial sector to get more involved.

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